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About Swiftlane

Swiftlane is a company specializing in advanced security solutions, primarily focusing on touchless access control and video intercom systems. Their products leverage modern technologies like facial recognition, mobile access, and cloud-based management to enhance security and convenience in various settings. These settings include office buildings, residential complexes, and other facilities, aiming to streamline entry processes while ensuring high levels of safety and efficiency. Swiftlane's innovative approach integrates cutting-edge technology to redefine access control in the modern era.

Our mission

Our mission with Swiftlane has been to provide a secure, keyless, and convenient access solution for homes and offices. We aimed to eliminate the need for physical keys or cards, enabling users to unlock doors using their smartphones or facial recognition, facilitating a hands-free and hassle-free entry experience. Our focus extended to developing user-friendly  applications for both entry point and user app, enhancing UI/UX designs for mobile and web platforms, prototyping, and integrating intercom systems to support this vision.

What we've done

Mobile App Development

In developing the mobile application for Swiftlane, our team accomplished a significant feat in both functionality and reliability. We worked diligently on two key components:

  1. Access Point App for Building Entry: This app is designed for constant operation at building entry points. Unlike typical applications that run for a few minutes to a few hours, our access point app was engineered to run 24/7 for several weeks without any interruptions. This exceptional performance is a result of extensive optimization efforts on the iOS app, ensuring it operates efficiently under continuous use.
  2. User App for Door Unlocking and Intercom Interaction: The user-side application allows residents or employees to unlock doors effortlessly using their smartphones. It also facilitates responding to intercom calls and granting access to visitors. Our focus was on creating a seamless, user-friendly experience, enabling hassle-free entry and secure communication.

The success of the access point app's continuous and uninterrupted operation is attributed to our rigorous optimization process. We utilized advanced tools and instruments provided by Apple to enhance the app's efficiency. These optimizations not only improved the app's performance but also ensured it remained resource-efficient, making it a reliable solution for Swiftlane's security needs.

Enterprise Accounts and MDM

For Swiftlane, we managed enterprise accounts and implemented a robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution using Hexnode. This approach was crucial for the secure and efficient distribution of the access point app. By leveraging Hexnode, we ensured controlled deployment and management within Swiftlane's enterprise framework, maintaining high security and functionality standards. The private app distribution through the enterprise account further streamlined this process, allowing for secure access exclusively to authorized users.

UI/UX Design

Our team crafted intuitive and engaging UI/UX designs for Swiftlane's mobile and web applications. We focused on creating user-friendly interfaces that simplify interactions with the security systems, enhancing overall user experience.

CarPlay App Development

We extended Swiftlane's user app functionality by developing a compatible application for CarPlay. This enhancement allows users to conveniently control access features directly from their vehicles, adding a new layer of accessibility and integration.

Prototyping and Testing Tools

We developed specialized tools and prototype apps for Swiftlane to rigorously test all modules during the installation of the Access Point application. This included checks for microphone functionality, audio clarity, network connectivity, camera depth accuracy, and more. These prototypes also allowed us to rapidly test client ideas and verify the compatibility and performance of integrations like locks and other devices, ensuring they worked as intended by their providers.

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