Bringing Coffee bags to Life, Right in Your Pocket

About Savor Live

Savor Live is a coffee shop app designed to elevate your coffee experience by integrating technology into the specialty coffee industry. It offers a customizable white-label mobile app that showcases your brand and products. The app includes features like AR Experience,  mobile ordering, detailed product and customer accounts management. Savor Live innovates the coffee ordering and delivery process for businesses and consumers alike. Its focus is on enhancing the digital interaction between coffee shops and their customers, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.

Our mission

At Savor Live, our mission to tell the story of your coffee in a familiar and engaging way, right through your phone. Our app brings the rich narrative of each brew to life, offering a personal touch to your coffee experience. Imagine hearing about the origins of your coffee, the roasting process, and the unique flavors. It's like having a friendly barista in your pocket, sharing stories and connecting you more deeply with every sip.

What we've done

To bring coffee bags to life and tell their unique stories, we embraced AR (Augmented Reality) technology. We created an easy-to-integrate solution that animates each bag, allowing it to share its journey from bean to brew. This innovation adds a new dimension to the coffee experience, making it interactive and informative. Our solution is designed to be seamlessly integrated, offering a captivating and educational element to enjoying your favorite coffee.

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