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About MotionTools Android

MotionTools is hailed as the ultimate "transportation services building kit" (Business Insider), effectively expediting the introduction of a diverse range of transportation services.  
Through its exceptional adaptability, extensive developer assistance, and unparalleled scalability, MotionTools empowers companies to concentrate on the distinctive aspects that make their services truly significant to their specific local community. By doing so, they can flourish in a dynamically evolving world where motion is key.

Our mission

Our foray into the Android realm was marked by a comprehensive strategy to deliver a sophisticated and high-performing application. Our main focus was on designing a meticulous application architecture, creating a foundational framework for innovative solutions. Our team seamlessly integrated complex product concepts and features, ensuring a unified user experience. We also developed a dynamic framework to accommodate customer-specific features and branding. Emphasizing scalability, we anticipated growth and adapted to varying user activities while minimizing battery consumption. In essence, our mission on Android combined technical expertise with a nuanced understanding of user needs, resulting in a robust and user-friendly experience aligned with our commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

What we've done

  1. Constructed a scalable, dynamic, and highly configurable application architecture.
  2. Implemented automation for generating and publishing business customer applications, tailored to their specific features and branding, directly to their distribution environment.
  3. Automated the entire software lifecycle, including building, testing, and releasing, through continuous integration (CI) automation.
  4. Integrated seamlessly with advanced frameworks such as Pusher, WebSockets, and Bluetooth.
  5. Automated crash reporting and management using cutting-edge tools like Sentry and Firebase Crashlytics.
  6. Achieved a crash-free rate of 99.3% or higher across thousands of users with each release.
  7. Developed a flexible framework enabling integration with any analytics provider of MotionTools business customers preference.
  8. Utilized the latest cutting-edge technologies, including Jetpack Compose, Android Security, Kotlin Coroutines, Hilt, Android Jetpack, and many others.
  9. Ensured app stability and quality by implementing tests at various levels, including Unit tests, Instrumentation tests, UI tests, and integration tests.

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