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Company X understands the value of collaboration in the digital age. With functional and dynamic apps at their core, they recognize the importance of integrating with other mobile apps to enhance their offerings. This approach not only expands their capabilities but also opens new avenues for business growth and customer reach. Their commitment to integration is a testament to their forward-thinking strategy in a connected world.

Our mission

Our mission is to quickly extract services from client apps and incorporate them into a comprehensive framework. This enables integrators to seamlessly add these functionalities to their mobile apps, enhancing connectivity and expanding capabilities across various platforms.

What we Do

  1. Extracting APIs, UI, and Functionalities: Our approach begins with a comprehensive understanding of our client's needs and those of their integrators. We engage in detailed discussions to ascertain exactly what is required — whether it's a business logic API framework that offers the freedom for integrators to craft their custom UI, ensuring the new model integrates seamlessly into their apps, or a plug-and-play framework that includes both business logic and UI for ease of implementation. In some cases, clients may require a combination of both. This tailored approach allows us to precisely extract APIs, user interfaces, and essential functionalities from client mobile apps, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with the intended application and user experience.
  2. Wrapping in Frameworks: Our expertise extends to crafting frameworks tailored to specific platform needs. For Android, we develop native frameworks that leverage the full potential of the Android ecosystem. For iOS, we create xcframeworks, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance within the iOS environment. Additionally, when the project calls for a cross-platform solution, we utilize Kotlin Multiplatform. This approach enables us to build a single, cohesive framework that operates effectively across both Android and iOS platforms, providing our clients with versatile and efficient solutions that cater to a broad range of integration requirements.
  3. Customizable UI/UX Design: Our service includes a specialized product design offering, geared towards creating universal UI/UX designs that are ideal for sharing across multiple integrators. This approach ensures that each module is crafted with customization in mind, allowing every integrator to seamlessly incorporate it into their app's unique environment. Alternatively, when a project demands a more exclusive touch, we can deliver a fully custom solution tailored specifically to a single integrator's requirements. At the core of our service is a commitment to listening to our clients and delivering designs that best suit their specific needs and those of their partners.
  4. Writing Tests: Ensuring the highest quality and functionality of our frameworks is a top priority. We implement a comprehensive testing strategy, covering all aspects of the frameworks we develop. Our testing process includes thorough checks for both individual components and their integration points, using a mix of automated and manual testing techniques. This rigorous approach helps us identify and address any potential issues early, guaranteeing that the frameworks operate flawlessly within different app environments. Our commitment to robust testing ensures that our clients receive a reliable, high-performing product ready for seamless integration.
  5. Distribution Assistance: For iOS frameworks, we guide clients through various distribution methods such as package managers, CocoaPods, and Carthage, ensuring the xcframeworks are accessible and manageable. For Android frameworks, we assist in packaging as AAR files, publishing to Maven repositories like Maven Central and JFrog Artifactory and managing code distribution via platforms like GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab or private repositories. Additionally, for frameworks developed using Kotlin Multiplatform, we provide expert advice on distributing them effectively across both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring compatibility and streamlined integration. Our comprehensive distribution support is tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, whether they're targeting a single platform or aiming for cross-platform compatibility with Kotlin Multiplatform.

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