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About Bancamea is a comprehensive online resource dedicated to banking in Moldova. It offers a range of services including up-to-date banking news, currency exchange rates, and a currency converter. Additionally, the platform provides detailed information on various banking products such as loans, deposits, cards, and money transfers. stands out by allowing users to compare different banks and their offerings, helping them make informed financial decisions.

Our mission

Our mission with was to expand their reach to mobile users, providing a seamless and accessible experience on mobile platforms. We focused on developing an intuitive app that offers easy access to currency conversion, banking news, and ATM locations. By enhancing UI/UX design and conducting thorough testing, our goal was to ensure that's valuable resources were readily available to users on the go, thereby broadening their audience and enhancing user engagement with their essential banking tools.

What we've done

In our collaboration with, we have made significant advancements in making banking information and tools more accessible and user-friendly, especially for mobile users. Our key achievements include:

  1. Mobile Application Development: We developed a sleek and functional mobile application. This expansion has successfully brought's comprehensive banking services to a broader mobile audience.
  2. Enhanced UI/UX Design: Our team meticulously designed and refined the user interfaces and experiences. We ensured that these interfaces are not only visually appealing but also highly intuitive, facilitating easy navigation and access to vital banking information.
  3. Comprehensive Testing and Optimization: We undertook extensive testing processes across various devices and operating systems. This rigorous testing ensured the apps' performance is consistently reliable and efficient, providing a seamless experience regardless of the device used.
  4. Currency Conversion Feature: We integrated a currency conversion tool within the app, offering users instant and accurate currency exchange rates.
  5. Banking News and Updates: The app provides up-to-date banking news, keeping users informed about the latest developments in the financial sector in Moldova. This feature helps users stay ahead in managing their finances with the most current information.
  6. ATM Locator Functionality: Recognizing the need for quick access to cash withdrawal points, we incorporated an ATM locator into the app. This feature enables users to find the nearest ATMs effortlessly, enhancing the practical utility of the app for daily banking needs.

Through these efforts, we have significantly elevated the user experience for's audience, ensuring that essential banking tools and information are easily accessible on mobile devices.

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