Bringing Your Memories to Life: From Photo to Canvas, Effortlessly

About Artios

Artios is a company that specializes in bridging the gap between digital photography and physical art. They provide a platform where users can turn their photographs into canvas prints with ease. Their innovative approach includes the use of augmented reality (AR) technology, enabling customers to preview how their artwork would look in a real-world setting.

Our mission

Our mission at Artios is to make the process of creating personalized art from memories straightforward and enjoyable for everyone. We focused on developing a platform that's easy to use on both desktop and mobile, with an intuitive UX/UI. Our goal extends to ensuring a flawless experience, including simple payment methods and reliable delivery of the canvas right to your door.

What we've done

To address the challenge of visualizing how canvas art fits into a user's space, we utilized augmented reality (AR) technology. This feature enables users to preview canvases on their walls, assisting in deciding the best placement and adjustments for their interior. Our accomplishments include:

  1. Innovative Augmented Reality (AR) Feature: We've revolutionized the way users visualize canvas art in their space with our AR technology. This tool allows customers to see a real-time preview of the canvas on their walls, aiding in optimal placement and design choices.
  2. Cutting-Edge Neural Style Filters: Our app boasts an array of advanced artistic filters, powered by neural style transfer technology. These unique filters, including several developed in-house, offer users a variety of creative options to transform their photos into canvas masterpieces.
  3. Comprehensive Mobile Application: We've prioritized a top-tier experience for mobile users, ensuring our app is responsive, intuitive, and feature-rich, catering to the needs of users on-the-go.
  4. Seamless Web Application Experience: The web app we've developed covers the entire canvas creation process. From photo uploading and editing to final purchase, every step is streamlined for user convenience.
  5. Robust Backend Infrastructure: We've built a strong and reliable backend system. This foundation ensures the app's performance is consistent and efficient, supporting the complex functionalities it offers.
  6. Intuitive User Interface (UI/UX): Our focus on design has led to an interface that's not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly. Every aspect of the UI/UX has been crafted to provide a smooth and enjoyable journey for our users, from initial engagement to final product delivery.

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